Tips to become a better UI Designer

  1. Networking - As a UI designer, I feel it is important and helpful going to different events, meeting and connecting with different people from the same or different industries, and learning something new. I usually search for those events on Eventbrite, MeetUp, or LinkedIn.
  2. Follow UI design trends - UI design trends continue to evolve, and they come and go. As a UI designer, I feel it is important to follow these trends and always be up to date, so you can keep learning, and expanding your knowledge, and also expanding new ideas to the company you are working for.
  3. Get familiar with UI patterns - UI patterns are reusable components that designers use to solve common problems in their design. To learn more about these patterns, I would suggest visiting these two websites: and
  4. Have a clear CTA - I would suggest making sure to always have your CTA’S clean, visible accessible (easy to find). Also, always make sure there is a difference between the primary and secondary action.
  5. Checking other designers' work — What is really helpful to me and what helps me to grow and become a better designer is daily checking other people’s work. I’m not saying you should copy other designers, what I’m saying is just checking platforms such as Dribbble, Pinterest, Behance, and find some designers that will inspire you, just to see the way they are using typography, white space, etc. — save their work and have that in mind when designing for yourself.
  6. Don’t over clutter - Lastly, I would just add to always make sure you create a clean interface. If you want users to focus and love your design, don’t make it look busy. Work on that hierarchy. Make sure you don’t put all the design elements on one screen, so your users don't know where to look first.




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