Which programs do web designers mostly use?

Katarina Kisin
3 min readJan 15, 2021


Designers are those people who are constantly looking for something new: interesting sources of inspiration, specialized Internet services, offline programs such as CSS editors, as well as all kinds of tricks / scripts that help speed up and improve the workflow. You’ve probably heard of one of the biggest software products for this browser — Chrome Devtools developer tools, but you can also find dozens and hundreds of smaller but very useful apps. The effectiveness of any web resource largely depends on the degree of success of its interaction with the user, ie. usability and successful UI / UX design. If the site is difficult to use, it is very likely that visitors will find and choose something else. However, if the user gets a positive impression, then he will not only use this product himself, but will also recommend it to his friends. In this article we will look at the best tools to create good usability.

-Adobe Photoshop

The first version was published in 1990. The most popular graphic editor, it appeared a long time ago and was number 1. This software was used by photographers, graphic designers, web designers, interactive designers, video developers. A very powerful application that has it all. The program is used and supported everywhere. In any studio, company, press. It was originally intended for retouching and working with photography, but then it gained wider functionality and possibilities.

My personal opinion:

Pros: Really advanced editor with all kinds of functions, such as 3d support, gif-animations, scripts, add-ons. A huge library of ready-made graphics, templates and more. There are a huge number of cool actions for Photoshop, where you can create a beautiful image in one click from a photo: Photoshop is great for working with photos. There are no limits, you can create and manipulate an image as soon as you want. There are a huge number of lectures on Youtube in Photoshop.

Cons: With the development of photoshop trying to break everything possible every time it has become very difficult and clumsy. The program takes a very long time, and it performs some functions for quite a long time. The application works only through subscription. On weak computers, opening photoshop can be very problematic. There are so many embarrassing things. I have to imitate some other styles. Effect window open and close each time. Confused management of text styles and sizes. And still don’t forget that the app was originally created to work with raster graphics, not vector graphics. Output: Photoshop is great for photo processing. The format and program are supported everywhere and by everyone. If you want, you can create anything in it. Designs, icons, banners and more. But the question is how convenient and fast it will be.


The first version was published in 2012. Mac vector graphics editor After Photoshop, the Sketch program appeared. It seems that the developers of the sketches took a powerful vector graphics editor and removed everything superfluous from it. The application interface is similar to classic Apple programs. One of the main “tricks” of Sketch are related styles for shapes and text. This allows you to combine different elements, giving them the same look and in a few clicks you change the look of all your items. The same goes for text. You can also create symbols, converting the selected layer into a reusable element. Sketch is, as far as I’m concerned, an ideal tool for developing app and website design, and I would say one the most advanced UI / UX tool.